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Strategies for Employment in Spain Immigration Opportunities

Employment in Spain immigration can be a somewhat difficult process if you do not have the necessary information. In this case, it is essential to know the local employment laws and other aspects of recruitment. In this article, we will show you the best way to hire employees in Spain and with the best help you can get. Let us see:

1. How to handle immigration employment Spain?

2. What should you take into account for employment permits Spain?

3. Learn more about employment immigration Spain

1. How to handle immigration employment Spain?

You can recruit staff from another country in Spain but keep in mind that recruitment laws are likely to differ from your country of origin. In addition, if you are interested in hiring Spanish labor, you must take into account the risk of compliance with the laws. Therefore, if you want to hire Spanish talent you can partner with an EOR (employer of record) in Spain.

In this case, the employer of record is a legal figure that can hire, manage, and get visa for employees globally. In the same way, an EOR in Spain knows perfectly the labor laws, as well as the other regulations of the country. Therefore, they know very well how employment in Spain immigration works.

Plus, an Employer of Record can handle the hiring, onboarding, payroll, and risk mitigation of your company. Likewise, it carries out the management and supervision of the organization aspects of your staff daily.

In contrast, you can establish an entity in Spain, to employ staff and manage your payroll in the country. However, it is a slow and complicated process since you need qualified personnel who know the capital investment and legal, corporate, and payroll regulations.

Likewise, to facilitate all these complicated and expensive procedures, you can hire global employment services in Spain. Therefore, it is a matter of comparing the implications of establishing directly in the country or using an EOR.

2. What should you take into account for employment permits in Spain?

In each country, labor and tax laws vary and it is a determining factor when hiring personnel in Spain. In addition, you will find certain risks regarding employment immigration Spain that you will have to face when choosing to hire workers.

2.1 Labor laws you do not know

One of the most decisive aspects of contracting is knowledge of labor laws. As we have mentioned, the laws will be different than your company in another country, including visa employees. For example, in Spain some permits for employees are the following:

  • 30 days of annual vacation.
  • 14 holidays every year.
  • 16 weeks of maternity leave for female employees, which may vary depending on the number of children.
  • 15 days of notice for the termination of contracts by both the employer and the employees.
  • An employer must provide sufficient evidence to be able to fire an employee.

2.2 Clarity in payroll contributions

When it comes to payroll, you need to be aware of things that are likely to differ from the home country of your company. With an Employer of Record in Spain, you can ensure correct payment and thus avoid fines and penalties. For example, as an employer, you will have to pay the social security of your employees which amounts to 23.6%.

2.3 Permanent establishment

Another aspect that brings more complications is the permanent establishment, which implies establishing your company in Spain and generating income there. In this case, you will have to pay corporate taxes and everything that entails. Thus, with an EOR in Spain, you can save all this and ensure compliance.

3. Learn more about employment in Spain immigration

With Iberia EOR you can establish your presence in Spain immigration in the best possible way, ensuring legal compliance. You can contact us through our number +971 43 316 688 or by email at contact@iberiaeor.com. In this way, you will get the services of an Employer of Record in Spain to expand your business.

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