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Wanted to hire a contractor in Spain? With a single system, IberiaEOR can assist you with hiring and paying Spanish contractors. You can localize onboarding, grant IT and app access, and manage payroll for your contractors in Spain with just a few clicks—all while adhering to local regulations.

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In Spain, Hiring Contractors may be a Rollercoaster

Whether you're hiring in Barcelona or Madrid, hiring Spanish contractors can be a stressful method. The severe labor laws in Spain, including collective bargaining rights, must be understood by you, as well as how to behave appropriately there. Fortunately, growing your foreign crew legally and effectively is easy with IberiaEOR.

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When you hire a contractor in Spain with us, you can grow swiftly and take advantage of having a specialized worker in the area. We'll make sure to provide our services as soon as feasible in accordance with your requirements. As a result, you will quickly be able to observe significant results.

Select the Best Law Firms in Spain for Easy Compliance!

When you hire a contractor in Spain, you don't have to worry about legality because our contracts are approved by the best law firms in the area. Your contracts will contain all the information required to comply with the law, from wages to leaves . To ensure your compliance at all times, we will also give you the most recent information on employment laws and regulations.


The Distinction in Spain Between Employees and Contractors

To put it simply, what separates contractors from employees in Spain is the type of agreement that is in place when you hire them. The employee executes a contract of employment, either permanent or temporary. Contrarily, contractors sign a contract outlining the exact tasks that need to be completed in connection with a project or initiatives.
An additional important variation between these structures is the manner in which contractors and labor are compensated. In Spain, employers are responsible for with holding social security and taxes at the source. They also have to pay for the contributions made by their employees.
Contractor payments are made at the agreed upon rate. Independently managing social security and tax returns is the contractor's responsibility. Furthermore, contractors do not force business owners to pay employment taxes. Because of this, rather than having less control over contractor work, customers must weigh the benefits of having less responsibilities.

How to Pay Independent Contractors in Spain

Options in Spain for Independent Contractors Streamline and Simplify Your Payroll Procedure!

Direct deposits:

While paying employees is often the purpose of this payment method, it can also be used to pay for hiring a contractor in Spain. As per the terms of your employment agreement and the regularity of your payments.


Most contractors used to prefer checks, but these days they are more trouble than they are worth. Check payments to contractors take longer than electronic ones to process. It also runs the danger of getting lost or broken.


PayPal has lost plenty of appeal over the years, this due to its competitors that offer better deals. However, because of its security, simplicity of use, and relative quickness, it remains a viable alternative for many.

Payroll services:

Paying contractors and self-employed individuals on schedule and in compliance with applicable rules is the primary goal of independent payroll providers and services. These can come in the shape of a PEO that can handle payroll through HR services.

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