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Are you looking to expand your business in the area? Hire a contractor in Spain and enjoy the benefits of establishing a new team! Find the ideal candidate for your staff in Spain and add new skillsets to your staff. Acquire new hires compliantly and take your business to a whole new level when expanding through Europe.

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Avoid costly classification mistakes in Spain

When you hire a contractor in Spain it is important to remember that you must do so according to the law. Therefore, with Iberia EOR you can forget about misclassification of employees. Our team will make sure to hire and manage your team compliantly. Consequently, you do not have to worry about incurring fines or penalties in the area. With us, you can establish binding contracts that go according to the Spanish labor law. As a result, your team will obtain the perks and compensation they need to obtain according to the law. In this way, with our team by your side, your employees will not be misclassified.

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Receive the best EOR services in Spain with Iberia EOR.

Rapid Deployment: Quickly Engage Contractors in Spain for Immediate Impact!

Expand quickly and enjoy the benefits of having a specialized worker in the region when you hire a contractor in Spain with us. We will make sure to deploy our services as quick as possible according to your needs. Therefore, you will be able to see strong results in a short time. We have the necessary experience to provide you with the talent you need to grow in the region. Consequently, you will have the local point of view you need to succeed in the area.


Choose Spain's Top Legal Firms for Effortless Compliance!

Our contracts receive the approval of the top legal firms in the region, as a result, you do not have to worry about legalities when you hire a contractor in Spain. From leaves to wages, your contracts will have the necessary details to abide by the law. Also, we will provide you with the latest updates regarding the employment laws and regulations to keep your compliance at all times. Additionally, we provide the professional support you need to manage your contractors in Spain. With Iberia EOR you will obtain the whole package!


The Difference Between an Employee and Contractors in Spain

Simply put, the kind of agreement that is in place when you hire a contractor in Spain is what distinguishes them from employees. A short-term or perpetual employment contract is signed by the employee. Contractors, on the other hand, sign a contract that specifies the precise work that must happen in relation to a project or initiatives. The way that workers and contractors receive compensation in these arrangements is another significant distinction. Employers in Spain are in charge of deducting taxes and social security payments at source. Additionally, they have to contribute financially on behalf of their workers. Payments to contractors are simply made at the agreed-upon rate. The contractor is responsible for handling social security and tax returns independently. Additionally, contractors do not compel firm owners to assume employment tax obligations. Due to this, the customer should consider the advantages of having fewer obligations instead of having less influence over contractor work.

How to Pay Independent Contractors in Spain Now in 2023

Efficient Payment Solutions for Independent Contractors in Spain: Simplify and Streamline Your Compensation Process!

Direct deposits

While this payment method frequently has to do with paying employees, it can also be used to pay when you hire a contractor in Spain. This, according to your work contract and payment frequency.


Checks, which were once favored by most contractors, are now more hassle than they're worth. Making payments to a contractor with a check takes longer than electronic payments. Also, it has the risk of being misplaced or damaged. They are also less trustworthy because to their rarity and the possibility of bouncing.


PayPal has lost plenty of appeal over the years, this due to its competitors that offer better deals. However, because of its security, simplicity of use, and relative quickness, it remains a viable alternative for many.

Payroll services:.

Independent payroll providers and services are designed specifically to pay contractors and self-employed personnel on time and in accordance with applicable laws. These can take the form of a single firm that sends contractors to customers and controls their payroll, or a PEO that can manage payroll legally through HR service outsourcing

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