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Mastering the Application Process for a Work Visa in Spain

If you are planning to work in Spain, you will need to apply for a work visa. This process can be challenging and a little time-consuming. However, it is essential to secure your legal status and avoid any problems with the authorities for a work visa Spain.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps and requirements for obtaining a work visa in Spain. Many people may want to work in Spain. Working in Spain, a nation with a rich history, stunning beaches, and a lively nightlife, will be like being on vacation all the time. Additionally, the country has an array of occupations where there is a scarcity of workers with high levels of expertise.

Essential Documents for Your Spain Work Visa Application

work visa spain

Before you start your application for a job visa in Spain, you will need to gather some documents. Ones that prove your identity, qualifications, and purpose of stay. These include:

  • Employment contract or job offer

You will need to present a written contract or a job offer from a Spanish employer that specifies the terms and conditions of your employment. Such as the duration of the contract, salary, and social security contributions. A professional employment organization could be useful if you are interested in Spain. Furthermore, the contract or job offer must be approved by the Spanish Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

  • Qualifications and credentials

You will need to show proof of your education or professional qualifications that are relevant to your job. Depending on your field of work, you may also need to obtain a recognition or validation of your credentials from the Spanish authorities. You must gather all your information in order to get your Spanish employment visa.

More documents you could need

There are some other documents that are highly important to ask for you work visa Spain. They are not as mentioned as the ones above. However, they are extremely important to work in the European nation and most of the countries in the world. Such as:

  • Criminal record certificate

You will need to provide a certificate that shows that you have no criminal record in your country of origin or in any other country. You will have to prove you have not engaged in any criminal activity where you have lived for more than six months in the last five years. The certificate must be issued by the competent authority and legalized or apostilled. A clean criminal certificate will help you get a work visa Spain. Therefore, you will be able to be an employee with benefits in the country.

  • Medical certificate

You shall provide a certificate that shows that you are in good health. Also, that you are free of any contagious diseases because that could delay your work visa process. The certificate must be issued by a licensed doctor and legalized or apostilled in your country. A medical certificate is not usually given the importance it requires. However, it is highly necessary for your work visa Spain.

Once you are done with all these steps you are closer to getting your work visa Spain. Also, it will be one step closer of being an employee under the Labour Law in the country.

Passport & visa application

To apply for a work visa Spain you need to make sure that your passport is valid. Also, that it has at least two blank pages. Secondly, you will need to submit a copy of your passport and your visa application form and other supporting documents.

You can find the visa application form and the list of required documents on the website of the Spanish consulate or embassy in your country of residence. Then, you must pay a visa fee, which varies depending on the type of visa and your nationality. You must fill out a visa application form.  It is important to know that you can download the application form from the website as well.

Nonetheless, you will need to provide personal information and details of your travel plans and your intended occupation in Spain. People applying for this visa need to go through this process in order to get their Spanish work permit.  Something important to highlight that if you are a remote worker for a Spanish company the process can be different.

Financial Proof & Income

One of the main requirements for obtaining a work visa Spain is to prove that you have sufficient financial means. Which means that you are able to support yourself and any dependents during your stay. You will need to show evidence of your income and savings, as well as any other sources of funds. For example, scholarships, grants, pensions, or sponsorships.

The minimum amount of money that you will need to prove varies depending on different factors. For example: The type of work visa you are applying for, the duration of your stay. It can also vary on the number of dependents you have.

You can prove your financial means by providing different types of documents. Such as, bank statements, pay slips, tax returns, or any other official documents that show your income and assets. You may also need to provide a letter from the employer or sponsor that confirms your salary and benefits. All paperwork must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator and legalized or apostilled.

Online vs. In-Person Visa Application

Depending on your nationality and the type of work visa Spain you are applying for, you may have the option to apply online or in person at the Spanish consulate or embassy in your country. The online application is faster and more convenient. However, it is only available for certain categories of workers. For example, highly qualified professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, and intra-corporate transferees. You can check if you are eligible for the online application on the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Another important point to highlight is that there are different types of permits to work in Spain. The cost is usually around 60 and 200 dollars according to the profession or duration of the employment.

  • Work visa for someone else
  • Self-employment visa
  • Highly qualified work visa
  • Work and research visa

When applying online, you need to create an account on the website and upload scanned copies of your documents. Also, you will need to pay the required visa fee online through a credit card. Finally, you will receive an email confirmation with a reference number and a barcode. You will have to print and bring this with you when you travel to the European nation.

If you apply in person, you will need to make an appointment at the Spanish consulate or embassy. Also, you will need to bring your original documents and photocopies, as well as two passport-sized photos. Remember you will also need to pay the visa fee in cash or by money order. Finally, You will receive a receipt with a tracking number.  You can use this to check the status of your application online.

Processing Time and Expectations for Spain Work Visas

work visa spain

The standard processing time for a work visa Spain is usually between one and three months. However, it depends on the workload of the consulate or embassy and the complexity of your case. However, some factors may delay or speed up the processing time, such as:

  • The completeness and accuracy of your application and documents
  • The availability of an appointment at the consulate or embassy
  • Verification of your employer in Spain for a work visa sponsorship Spain
  • The security checks and background screening
  • The demand and availability of visas

Understanding Expedited Processing

In some cases, you may be eligible for expedited processing, which means that your visa application will be processed faster than the standard time. Expedited processing is not a right, but a privilege granted by the consulate or embassy at their discretion. You may request expedited processing if you have a valid reason, such as:

  • A medical emergency
  • Humanitarian situation
  • A business opportunity
  • An academic or professional deadline

To request expedited processing, you will need to provide proof of your reason, such as a letter from your doctor, employer, or institution. You will also need to pay an additional fee for expedited processing, which is usually higher than the regular fee.

Submission Process for Expedited Work Visa

If you qualify for expedited processing, you will need to follow the same steps as for regular processing, but with some differences:

  • Fill out a special form for expedited processing and attach it to your visa application form.
  • Book an appointment at the consulate or embassy as soon as possible, preferably within a week of submitting your request
  • Bring all your original documents and copies to the appointment, along with the proof of your reason and the payment receipt for the expedited fee
  • Finally, you will need to wait for the decision of the consulate or embassy. Additionally, it is important to add this may take from a few days to a few weeks

As we mentioned before, applying for a work visa process in Spain can be a challenging process. However, with the proper preparation and guidance, you can master it and achieve your goal of working in Spain. Remember to check the requirements and procedures for your specific type of work visa. These are some steps you should follow in order to get your Spanish work permit:

  • Gather all the necessary documents
  • Pay the fees
  • Book an appointment with your embassy or consulate
  • Follow up on your application status

If you have any questions or doubts, contact the Spanish consulate or embassy in your country of residence. You can also seek professional advice from an immigration lawyer or consultant in order to obtain your job visa in Spain. However, if you need more information, you can check our other articles about working in Spain.

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